Customer Portal

Located at the top of our webpage, our fully integrated Customer Portal allows our customers to see real-time Estimated Ship Dates, view Open/Closed Orders, track Shipped Orders and access a library of current MSDS Documents. Our goal is for our customers to have full traceability during every step of the Order and Shipping Processes.

Product Consignment/Dropshipments

We specialize in consignment and dropshipment services for our customers. This allows you to utilize our large warehouse space, low shipping rates and logistical expertise to reduce overall costs and transit times. The result of this process is quicker delivery times, reduced handling costs, and a better product delivered to the end user.

Freight Consolidation

Another service we offer is freight consolidation. We have dedicated areas in our warehouse for each customer that allow us to consolidate and ship when a certain target weight is reached. Our Customer Portal shows each customer exactly what is ready to ship at any given time during the day. This dramatically reduces shipping and handling costs by allowing our customers to pick and choose when and where they want products to be shipped.

Inquire today about how these great services can work for you.